We Believe: You Deserve Options

You’ve got enough to worry about, don’t let making a loan payment add to your stress! At Sumiti Cheap Lending Home®, we’re devoted to making your loan and payment process as quick and easy as possible. All of our payment options are free of charge and designed to fit your lifestyle. Choose the best one for you.


Sumiti Cheap Lending Home® is now accepting online payments! contact our team to start using our new online payment application.


Cash payments should be made to your local loan office. We recommend making cash payments in person at your loan office location; however they can be sent in as well. If you need to make a payment outside of our business hours, we have overnight drop boxes for your convenience.


When making payments by phone, for security reasons, you will be asked to verify your customer information. Customer service representatives are able to accept debit or ACH payments free of charge over the phone. Payments made by phone are immediately credited toward your loan payment.


Check payments can be made in person or by mail at your local loan office. We also have overnight drop boxes at each office to accommodate your schedule. Checks must be received by your local loan office on or before the due dates.

Money Order

Money orders may be mailed to your local loan office, and can be purchased directly or through stores like Wal-Mart and 7-11. As with checks, money orders must be received by your local loan office on or before the due date of your payment.