Thanksgiving Twists

Thanksgiving is a time known for good food, but the usual Thanksgiving staples can get old after awhile. Whether you are entertaining guests or bringing over a dish of your own somewhere else, consider some of these spins on Thanksgiving standards. We’ve also included some ideas for variations if you’re trying to be healthier or avoid certain ingredients.


A variety of mashed potatoes

One of the most reliable sides for a Thanksgiving dinner is mashed potatoes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are many different ways to jazz up your mashed potatoes, and the Food Network has a listing of 50 different recipes, so there’s something for everyone. Some of our favorites include the Orange-Fennel, Crispy Garlic, and the Chorizo variety. But you can browse the list and pick out whichever one suits your fancy. You’re sure to find something for even the pickiest eaters. And if potatoes aren’t your thing, or you’re trying to cut back on the carbs and calories, consider making some mashed cauliflower for a different type of side dish.

A new take on pumpkin pie

When it comes to dessert, the pumpkin pie is definitely a crowd favorite. But this year consider taking the dessert to a whole new level. Redbook offers a slideshow of over 30 pumpkin pie recipes that build off of an old favorite. Not only are there mouth-water pictures, but each one links to a full recipe. We really like the Butterscotch Pie and the Chai Spiced Pumpkin Pie with Cocoa Crust. There’s even a Paleo Pie if you want to try making a grain, dairy and nut-free dessert for folks to enjoy.

A different way for turkey time

Let’s face it – it’s not Thanksgiving without a turkey. But why settle for the standard turkey in the oven when there are so many different other ways to cook it? not only has a list of 10 alternative ways to cook a turkey, but they also offer links to the recipes as well. One of the most popular alternatives for turkey cooking is frying a turkey. People like it because it takes less time and tastes delicious. Just be sure to do your research and stay safe before frying! also offers other suggestions for turkey preparation including smoked, dehydrated, and stuffed with a beer can. And if you’re serving any vegetarians, consider this tofu turkey recipe which doesn’t actually use any meat.

No matter what dish you choose to prepare, we hope you have a safe and yummy Thanksgiving!

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