A Lovely Day to Save

Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than a speeding arrow – do you have a plan? You can’t go wrong with classics like dinner, flowers, and chocolate even if you’re on a budget. We have some heartfelt tips to offer than can help you plan a lovely experience for your loved one for less!


Dine on a Dime

A nice meal out doesn’t have to wreck your wallet. One great tool for saving up to 50% on your bill is Restaurant.com. There, you can choose from over 22,000 participating restaurants nationwide by entering your zip code to see what’s available near you.

If you catch it at the right time, they also offer bonus deals like an extra 55% off your purchase, which can snag you a $25 certificate for as little as $4.50. Best of all, the codes you buy never expire – even if your date doesn’t show you can always try again next February!

TIP: Read the room. If your date wants something fancy, pick one of Restaurant.com’s more upscale locations – you’ll still be saving money. If she loves barbecue and is proud of it…lucky you, man, because there’ll be a lot more options available.

Change Up Your Chocolates

Sure, even the most standard box of chocolates is delicious. But is it memorable? Give your sweetheart an experience by offering up the unexpected in lieu of the boring box. Try a trip to the closest chocolate lounge!

Savannah residents, for example, might check out Lulu’s Chocolate Bar, Athenians can stop in at Condor Chocolates, and those in ATL can hop on over to Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company. These confectionary creators mix up unique flavors, and for the same price as a big box of chocolates you can instead go out on a chocolatey adventure and pick a few different treats to try together!

TIP: Get outside your comfort zone. Try the weird stuff, like chocolate-dipped bacon. If it’s strange, it’ll be more special and memorable.

Floral Bliss on a Budget

The floral industry goes a little haywire for Valentine’s Day by no fault of the florist. Wholesale roses are marked up, often over 200%, meaning that your local florist has to make some hard choices about roses – including the necessity of raising the price of those masterfully arranged dozens of red – just to make ends meet.

The very best way to get a deal on Valentine’s flowers? Skip the roses. Seriously. Find out what flowers your sweetheart actually likes and make an effort to give her something personalized. Additionally, if you give your florist a budget to work within along with an idea of what you want (such as pastel colors, tropical flowers, or something soft and feminine), they can use their expertise to make you something fresh and fantastic on your budget.

TIP: Order from your local florist to get the best bang for your buck. Floral call centers offer what seem to be good deals but charge various fees that run up the final price. Call your local floral shop so that your money actually pays for flowers!

Whatever you end up doing on February 14th, remember that it’s all about celebrating your special relationships. Spend some time considering what would really bring joy to your partner – it may not be expensive at all. Come at this holiday with your creative Cupid’s A-game and aim for a truly lovely Valentine’s Day!

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