Black Friday Tips and Tricks

While some people look forward to Thanksgiving, serious shoppers look forward to Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving where stores compete for your business and bring out some serious deals. There are definitely bargains to be had, but you have to be smart about it, too. Black Friday can be filled with crowds, lines, and lots of headaches. Here are some tips for surviving Black Friday and making the most of your shopping adventure.


Do your research

There are several sites that post their Black Friday ads as soon as they get them – why wait for the newspaper to come in? Sites like not only post the entire ad, but even pick out the best values so you don’t have to. And if a store isn’t ready yet, you can also sign up for alerts so that you’re notified when the ads come in. It’s also recommended you bring these ads along with you when you go to the stores of your choosing, so you can price match if needed. Remember though, not everything you see is a guaranteed deal. Be sure to pricematch online first before you go so you know if it’s worth the hassle.

Early or late can be beneficial

If you don’t mind crowds, going early to a Black Friday store opening can be a great way to snag extra bonuses. Stores like to entice people to come in by giving the first hundred-or-so people special incentives like gift cards and goody bags. And if crowds are not your thing, consider going in the afternoon on Black Friday. By then, the crowds have died down so it won’t be so chaotic. You may not be able to score every single deal you were hoping for, but you might be surprised what’s still on the shelf. Plus, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle and stress.

It’s not just a day

There are deals to be had all around the Christmas season. Great deals can start 2-3 weeks before Black Friday begins trying to entice shoppers early. There’s also deals after Black Friday is over, including the infamous Cyber Monday a few days later. This is when online retailers offer their best deals, and sometimes they can be even better than what Black Friday has to offer. And shoppers are noticing too – last year Cyber Monday sales exceed Black Friday. But even if you miss out on Cyber Monday too, there are always deals leading up to the Christmas season as retailers get more competitive.

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