Personal Loans with Flexible Payment Plans

We’re expecting your unexpected.

You finally met the one. Now you need a ring. Or a little less romantic, you need a root canal. For life’s ups and downs, we’re here to arm you with options. We’ve been providing fixed interest loans to our customers for over 50 years, even to those with less than perfect credit. We’ll walk you through the steps – from the application process to setting up flexible payment plans. And you’ll be on your way quickly and easily. So whether you have a happy event or an unexpected surprise, we have options that can help. Now let’s talk numbers.

Two numbers that matter.

The principal loan amount: This is the amount of money we lend to you. We provide loans up to $5,000 based on credit history and for big ticket items, we can provide loans up to $15,000.

The interest rate: A percentage of your principal you’re required to pay on the loan. This varies based on credit, but we’ll never exceed 41.99% for our loans greater than $3,000. Ever.

No matter what life throws your way, Sumiti Cheap Lending Home® is here to help.

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Sumiti Cheap Lending Company Fast Facts

  • Application responses are usually within 24 hours
  • Processing can take just 1 business day if we have all your information
  • After you apply, we call the number you provided, verify basic information and may ask for additional documents such as W2s, recent pay stubs, etc
  • To avoid late fees, call us for an extension if you can’t make a payment
  • You’ll be notified by phone and mail if your loan was approved, then you’ll come in to sign to have it released to you
  • You’ll be notified by mail if you did not get approved
  • There are several factors involved in the approval process and we’re here to help

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If you are looking for a loan, car, or a company to help out with personal benefits, this company is the right choice. My experience gave me hope that all companies are not for themselves.

– Branden

I had a wonderful experience with this company and the customer service was wonderful.

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