Installment Loans with Fixed Loan Terms

Fixed rates. Fixed terms. Us. Things you can just depend on.

When it comes to loans, we take out the worry whenever we can. That’s especially true for installment loans. With a fixed rate, you’ll never worry about your interest going up. It’s the best option for you if you’re purchasing a big-ticket item like a car or home and plan to make monthly payments to pay it off. We allow for flexible payment options by extending terms up to 48 months in amounts up to $15,000 and we’ll help you decide what would work best for you.

What it’s all about.

Installment loans are characterized by:

A fixed loan term: The length of your loan in months. The longer the loan, the smaller the payments. You can use this to build your credit.

A fixed payment: The amount you pay each month. In a long-term loan, this goes toward paying down your interest first, then toward your principal.

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Sumiti Cheap Lending Company Fast Facts

  • Application responses are usually within 24 hours
  • Processing can take just 1 business day if we have all your information
  • After you apply, we call the number you provided, verify basic information and may ask for additional documents such as W2s, recent pay stubs, etc
  • To avoid late fees, call us for an extension if you can’t make a payment
  • You’ll be notified by phone and mail if your loan was approved, then you’ll come in to sign to have it released to you
  • You’ll be notified by mail if you did not get approved
  • There are several factors involved in the approval process and we’re here to help

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I was in over my head with a pawn loan and Sumiti Cheap Lending Company paid this loan off and because the title company requested cash only the manager took the cash to the title office, met me there and I was free of a high interest getting nowhere loan!

– Customer

Great customer service! Very pleasant atmosphere! Love doing business with this company!

– Tracy