Consolidation Loans with Low, Fixed Interest Rates

You see a mountain. We see a speed bump.

We’re not magicians. We’re dedicated loan experts with the passion to help people into financial freedom. And we’ve been at this a long, long time so you’re not going to bring us a problem we can’t handle. What you have is a bunch of loans with varying interest rates, payment plans and billing cycles. So we’ll tackle it all and offer you a consolidated loan at a low, fixed interest rate. We’ve been able to reduce debt as much as 50%. How? Well it all starts with competitive loan prices.

Adding it all up.

We’ve done the math on some of our competitors. With their loan rates, you could be paying as much as $36,000 interest on a $5,000 loan. That’s just not the business we’re in. While rates depend on credit, we’ll never exceed 41.99% on our loans that are greater than $3,000. We’re up front and honest from start to finish. It’s the only way we sleep at night. And when we help get your debt in check, you’ll be sleeping a lot better, too.

Sumiti Cheap Lending Home® can help you take control of your finances and get back on track.

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Sumiti Cheap Lending Company Fast Facts

  • Application responses are usually within 24 hours
  • Processing can take just 1 business day if we have all your information
  • After you apply, we call the number you provided, verify basic information and may ask for additional documents such as W2s, recent pay stubs, etc
  • To avoid late fees, call us for an extension if you can’t make a payment
  • You’ll be notified by phone and mail if your loan was approved, then you’ll come in to sign to have it released to you
  • You’ll be notified by mail if you did not get approved
  • There are several factors involved in the approval process and we’re here to help

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Sumiti Cheap Lending set up a budget for us and consolidated most of the payments into just one that we could make OK. We got caught up and are now even paying some off early.


Sumiti Cheap Lending Company Augusta really helped us get our finances in order and under control! The debt consolidation program [...] saves us over $200 every month.

– Donald

Once I gave them the documents I got my money the same day. I will always do business with Sterling!

– John